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Have you ever though about the value of your data? The value of your data increases as more effort and time is invested. Loosing valuable data can be frustrating and a very expencive experience. High Edge IT can help you recover the data at a affordable price.

High Edge IT delivers high competence on data recovery. The process of rescuing lost data might be complex, but thanks to our experience within the field and world-leading data recovery procedures, we have the pleasure of giving back our customers data they thought was lost for ever.

In very few cases the damage on media is to high for rescuing. We do not charge for negative result of recovery.


In other words, you don't risk high bills without result by using us.


A few advices in case of dataloss:


Do not use comercial datarecovery software. This kind of software solutions can cause a permenant loss of data without a possibility to recover.


Disconnect the damaged media. Do not work on it! Disk cach and new files may overwrite your lost data and make it a more complex process to recover. If your media has a phyiscal damage it will become more damaged if you use it.


Do not let your local hardware dealer attempt to rescue. As mentioned above, by being powered the error will increase.


By all means, do not open a harddisk in a none-vacum environment. Oxygen causes the surface of your disk to oxydate, and your data will be LOST forever.


Contact us as soon as possible and we will assist you with our greatest effort.



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